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Lighting? Ugh.  I’m not the most patient person when it comes to lighting.  The final image could have been complete about two weeks ago if I knew how to light effectively… but I don’t.  This style of illustration is very dependent (at least for me) upon trial and error and, actually, that’s something I really enjoy about the process.  Lighting, however, is one thing that I know very little about.  I’ve tried many things but, finally, figured out that I needed a light tent.  I chose to make one out of my daughter’s old sun tent (meant to keep little babies out of the sun)… cut out old fabric… replace with a fabric shower liner via a hot glue gun and… POW! Light tent!

Light tents allow the light you shine upon the models to bounce, over and over again, off of the walls of the tent.  The tent will ensure that the light is distributed evenly and that shadows are kept to a minimum.  It is perfect for my type of illustration.

Additionally, because my illustrations are so “character-based” I tend to use very simple backgrounds.  For this image, I chose to use an infinite white background.  This look is conceived by using white cloth (or paper in this case) at the base of the model and allowing it to move gradually upward behind the model.

photo (2)

To be used on the right side of the full-spread page.


To be used on the left side of the full-page spread.


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