dimensional illustrator

Marching Band Final

Whew.  Done.  This spread (to cover 2 pages) is made up of 2 pictures… one of the band and another of the main character.  Text might go in the bottom black space.  I’m still trying to imagine what style of text would look best… maybe handwritten Times New Roman?  What do you guys think?



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  1. March 9, 2013

    I absolutely love this, and love the concept of your book. As the parent of an Autistic kiddo that does have some sensory issues in certain situations, I would love if more people had an understanding of how seemingly little things just trigger differently for certain kids. We keep a pair of hearing protection rated for gun ranges nearby most of the time, so it is no longer a panic moment for him – no more screaming at the noise, he just winces and puts on his headphones when a sound bugs him – but it was a long, stressful road to get there, particularly when it came to the confused stares of others. When he needs his “reds” in public (his headphones are red, so that’s the name they got), his dad or I just smile and comment that he’s got a unique fashion sense, hmm?

    • March 9, 2013

      Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment… it made my day! I know solving sensory problems can be a long, stressful journey… and that not many people understand how hard it can be! What works for one person might be (yet another) trigger for another person. I love that your son found something that works for him and that he has such loving and supportive parents who just smile and “get it”! Hopefully, more people will soon understand that kids, like your son, are just typical kids who need to slip on some headphones every once and a while! Thank you, again… I look forward to reading your next post – great blog!

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