dimensional illustrator


Putting EVOO on the main character’s hair… it’s the Bumble & Bumble of tiny clay people.

Welcome back, Folks!  I’m finally done with “Breakfast.”  This image addresses sensory issues a person with an Anxiety, Sensory Processing, or Autism Disorder might have when it comes to food.  And guess what?  I’ve learned a few things this week:

1)  Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes clay hair and tiny wood floors shine.

2)  If you play with hot glue and food coloring long enough – your hands will turn green and you will absolutely get burned.

3)  It takes four minutes short of for-ev-er for spray paint to dry on clay.

4)  The cap from a travel hairspray bottle works well as a tiny glass for milk (glue) or orange juice (paint).

5) Shooting with both natural light and, um, unnatural  light makes the image much less “noisy” than with just unnatural light.


Additionally, someone asked me how I came up with the idea from this book and I thought I’d share the answer with you guys, too. . . . You see, when I was teaching a lot of typically developing kids (3-6 year-olds) would ask me “what’s wrong with ____?” when one of my students would become upset, yell, scream, cover-up ears/eyes, rock, etc.  And I think that’s an okay question to ask when you’re a young child who sees a friend having a hard time!

Instead of going into a long explanation, I would simply put them in a comparable, hypothetical situation like “What would you do if ants were crawling all over your body?” . . . “What if someone made you eat smelly, slimy goo for breakfast?” . . . “What if a super-loud marching band followed you around ALL DAY?!”

Kids get it.  They understood that if something so extreme was happening to them that they would react the same way . . . explaining things this way helped the typically developing students become more understanding and compassionate when one of their friends was having a problem.  I liked that.    


Making tiny milk & orange juice glasses.


Second-degree burns from the debacle that is now known as the “Hot Glue and Food Coloring Incident of 2013”


Making the table out of foam core and spray paint. Getting the silverware and plates ready to bake in pie tins.

Making the little sister’s body… she looks a bit like an uncooked chicken at this stage. Whoops.

Final sister before shoot.


Final mother before shoot… still had to work on hands and a few details.


Final dad before shoot.


Final brother before shoot


getting the table ready…


Some of the fam, just hanging out before they get hands


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