dimensional illustrator


Early versions of the main character and Vern.

I thought I’d post a few process pictures from the other picture book that I’ve been working on lately.  The book is tentatively called Vern Won’t Calm Down.  The only major difference in materials from this book as compared to STOP! is the main character’s hair.  I actually bought a small doll head, cut it up (to allow for my own character) and re-styled her hair to fit my character.  Super weird… you’ll see.  The dog, Vern, is made out of tin foil covered with clay and then painted with acrylic paint.  Like all of my other characters, he as acrylic “doll” eyes, too.


Creepy cut out doll head, waiting for alterations.


Slightly less creepy, beginning character development.


Main character’s head, body, and two sleeping Verns.


Verns: pre and post paint.


Making the main character’s clothes… I love liquid stitch.


Making Vern sit up.


Vern sitting pre-paint.

IMG_3584 IMG_3583 IMG_3582


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