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Harris gathering some food.

Hey! So I haven’t written a post in a LONG TIME. I know that. I’ve been busy. Doing what?

Here’s what:

*   I finished the STOP dummy (book with illustrations that you submit to agents/publishers) upon an interested agent’s request.

*   THAT TOOK FOR-EV-ER to do.

*   She shot me down. Bummer. – BUT, now I have a complete dummy and a better idea of my artistic direction. It’s kind of like working on a master’s thesis.

*   STOP is the work that I’m so emotionally tied to and I’m positive that it will have to go to a smaller press. Which is great!

*   Next, I went to query-land. If you know any writers or illustrators, treacherous this process can be. Basically, I just flip between crazy and sane-ish (See post from Erin Bowman:

*  To keep from going TOO crazy, I started working on a completely different book… HARRIS THE HOUSE DRAGON.  I love him. Very different than anything I’ve done before, both artistically and plot-wise.

So that’s where I’m at now.  I’ll continue to post little blurbs on HARRIS and his progress occasionally. I am certainly not giving up on STOP, but it’s possible that it could be more successful if it followed a book like HARRIS. Who knows?  Hope you’re all doing well & thanks for reading, friends!



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  1. January 27, 2014

    That is some intense marshmallow action above! I love it. Sorry about the R, but I’m glad you came to a better direction because of it. Good luck with Queryland. It’s a place of magic and mystery for sure!

    • January 27, 2014

      Thank you, Hannah! Just wait for the next post… in about 10 minutes 🙂

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