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Meet the main character (without paint)

Well, here we go… I guess I should start from the beginning, huh?

Meet the main character!  He’s a typical, fun-loving 6-ish year-old boy.  His body is made out of wire, tin foil (to fill him out a little bit) and clay.  His outfit is made out of old maternity clothes and my daughter’s jeggings.  After I sculpt his head, neck, and extremities, I paint him with acrylic paint.  The same process is used for all of the other characters that will appear in STOP! 

I’m not going to lie to you… he looks a bit like my bald 8-month-old daughter if she were to wear a wig consistent with the hair of a young boy.  Don’t worry, I checked with her and it’s fine.


The main character… each expression/image gets a new head.